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Gorilla Shipping Tape!

Right down the street from where I live is the famous Gorilla Glue company. My neighbor works in the shipping department. I’ve looked into their new line of packaging tapes. We are using it here at work. It’s pretty much the best tape I’ve ever encountered...


ANNOUNCING!!!!!! Kromekote cut size is in stock! You can buy Kromekote in package or carton lots. We will have no minimum orders and free freight. This is the original mirrored image cover stock that set the bar on excellence. Kromekote is in our stock and is offset and digital guaranteed.   Indigo Kromekote is available quickly from the mill. Click here for more info    

Do You Use Digital Coated Paper?

Nekoosa has these new 19 x 13 sizes available, as well as 120#, which is selling well for business cards... Free Shipping! Call us today to inquire on this fine product line that will help save on clicks!  

It's ALIVE!!!

It's ALIVE!!!
Our site is back up!!!!! Welcome back and thanks for your patience! It has paid off:     Please re-register to see pricing. Your original account is not active, so you get to start fresh!   Let us know what you think or if you have any issues. For all intents and purposes, our site is in 'beta mode', so your eyes will help us clean this site up as much as need be.   We are very happy to be moving forward with this new site!  

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