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Carbonless Paper is the #1 Transactional Sheet in the World

2 part carbonless paper, 3 part carbonless paper, and more! 

When a local plumber needs a receipt book, when a lawyer's office needs a legal form, or when a hospital needs a second, third, fourth or even fifth copy for record keeping, carbonless paper is the answer.

The reason carbonless paper is so popular is that it is entirely versatile. If a business needs to keep a detailed filing system of each carbonless copy, using the different colors in each set helps with that. White, Canary, Pink, Goldenrod, Blue and Green are the 6 colors that make up any combination of a carbonless set. It is a smart way to organize a business tracking system. 

It can also be as simple as a 2 part business form that says, "This is my copy and that is your copy."

These 6 carbonless colors can come in seperate sheets, but the majority of business's use the "pre-collated" carbonless product which has the colors already arranged. The standard collation is like this:

2 part - White / Canary

3 part - White / Canary / Pink

4 part - White / Canary / Pink / Goldenrod

5 part - White / Green / Canary / Pink / Goldenrod

6 part - White / Blue / Green / Canary / Pink / Goldenrod

As you can see people like to present the White sheet first as when it's printed on as a business form it looks bright, clear and professional. 



Whether you're printing a receipt book, a legal form, or a brochure, you'll find high-quality products on our website.

Carbonless Copy Paper: Quickly and easily gives you multiple copies of your printing material. We have multiple varieties, including pre-collated, 2 part, 3 part and 4 part carbonless, and digital paper.

Paper: Choose the paper that works best for your publication, including crack and peel sheets, offset paper, and labels.

Packaging: Prepare your printed material for customers with centerfold shrink film, Gorilla tape, and business card boxes.

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