Generic Prescription Pad Paper

Common prescription pad paper, non-specific to any particular state guidelines, is used by health care professionals as a basic tool to securely and reliably carry out proper care.

You can find a variety of generic prescription pad paper on Randolph Next Day Paper's online store.

  • •11” x 17” (Blue or Green)

  • •8.5” x 11” (Blue)

  • •9.5” x 11” (Blue)


Why Prescription Pad Paper?

If you’ve ever made a trip to the pharmacy to grab medical supplies based on a doctor’s advice, you’ll find a script in your hand to effectively communicate the physician’s intent to the pharmacy attendant.

As a medical professional, in addition to providing the patient with a script that they can then relay to the medicine provider, the paper effortlessly retains a voided carbon copy for internal records. Don’t stress about copying and re-copying patient medicine details when you can write a single prescription and know that a second copy can be quickly torn along the edges and filed for safe keeping or follow up treatment.

Where to buy?

A variety of Generic Prescription Pad paper is available on Randolph Next Day Paper below the website at volume rates more affordable than Amazon. Our options of the large 53# or the standard paper size 27# are made and guaranteed by the professionals at Performance Office Papers in Minnesota, USA.

Order now for the best for value in regulation medical supply prescription paper.



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