How you can get your next city government client 

Blog Summary:

  • City inspectors work in a variety of conditions where electronics do not perform well or are in danger of breaking

  • Carbonless offers immediate copies of inspection reports and other documents

  • The local printer can match forms to local city ordinances


A few months ago, Randolph Paper surveyed our customers to discover TEN Huge Industries Using Custom Carbonless Forms. This quick read breaks down the reasons why custom carbonless forms still have a place in city government inspection offices.

Most government work happens on the local level. Cities governments send out inspectors to homes, businesses, restaurants, and many other places to ensure compliance with local regulations. Every institution has forms that require at least one copy for the city and one for the individual. Sounds like a perfect job for carbonless paper forms.

Inspectors spend most of their time in the field, inspecting, of course. They require forms that are easily portable, are reliable in all conditions, are inexpensive, and work efficiently. Whether they are looking over an electrician’s work or inspecting the plumbing, carbonless forms are ideal solutions.

Cities may need a variety of carbonless products:

  • Inspection forms

  • Receipts for fees

  • Permit applications

  • Violation citations

Our brief list can’t possibly cover everything you need. The best way to know the kinds of carbonless forms a city inspector needs is to find out from them. Consult your local government to see how they use forms.

Carbonless vs Electronic Forms

Because a city inspector doesn’t sit behind a desk, custom carbonless forms are better than electronic ones.

  • Carbonless forms are portable. Electronic systems require other equipment to give citizens physical records. Carbonless forms only need a pad of paper and a pen.

  • Carbonless forms work everywhere. A carbonless form works behind walls, in dirty basements, and nearly any condition an inspector might find. 

  • Carbonless forms are inexpensive. Expensive electronics are much more fragile than carbonless forms. It costs hundreds to replace a tablet compared to inexpensive carbonless

  • Carbonless forms offer immediate copies. Carbonless forms simplify an inspector’s workflow. No printing. No internet connections. No screens to navigate. Just write and copy.

Your Biggest Advantage Is You

Many people discount the local printer, but you have advantages that the big guys don’t. When you pitch your local city government keep these advantages in mind.

  • Relationship. Local printers can give personal attention to clients to offer truly customized solutions with great customer service.

  • Expert advice. Big printers don’t use experts for their customer service. You know your printers and paper to guide city workers to the products that best suit their needs.

  • Local. Most people want to support local businesses. That’s you. Remind them.

  • Local ordinances. Every city has different ordinances. You can truly customize your forms to match specific regulations. 

So, get out there and grab a new client with custom carbonless forms. 

Check out our carbonless paper products for all your custom form needs.


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