Find Out Why They Need Carbonless At A Funeral

Blog Summary:

  • Electronic forms sound nice, but busy teachers need fast, easy carbonless

  • Carbonless works when electronic systems go down

  • Private schools may be more likely to switch to a different printer

A few months ago, Randolph Paper surveyed our customers to discover TEN Huge Industries Using Custom Carbonless Forms. This quick read breaks down the top selling industry: funerals.

How The Funeral Industry Can Use Carbonless Forms

Many people are surprised by the amount of paperwork necessary in the funeral industry. Funeral directors are best known for caring for the body after death, but they also file a mess of paperwork with state and local governments. They are experts in the process, and they make it much easier for grieving families to focus on comforting each other. Many states also require extensive professional licensing with all the attendant forms. 

While most funeral industry forms are electronic, since they have to be filled with the state, some forms have to be physically handed to different people at different phases of a funeral. Funeral directors may want to use a paper form for planning the different elements of a funeral. They hand off paper to cemetery workers at the time of burial. There are many places where paper is a better option than electronic. Some governments even require hand-written forms in some instances. 

Schools can use carbonless for:

  • Funeral planning forms

  • Cemetery plot sales receipts

  • Forms required to be hand written

Caitlin Doughty, author of Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, reports that most funeral homes and cemeteries are part of a large, corporate system, but you can still find small, family-owned ones, too. They’re your best shot for snagging a new client. 

Carbonless Forms vs Electronic Forms

Many funeral industry forms are best submitted electronically. When a funeral director has to file a form with the state, it’s easiest to do it in front of a computer. There are some forms that best work with carbonless. Here are some advantages:

  • Carbonless allows more empathy. When a family is grieving, carbonless forms allow a funeral director to face them, not a computer. 

  • Carbonless offers immediate copies. A family gets an instant copy of exactly what they, or the funeral director, wrote. 

  • Carbonless is simple. Carbonless works well when clients aren’t tech-savvy. 

The Family Printer Advantage

Just like carbonless paper forms have many advantages, you do, too. The local printer might not have the big box power, but you do have strengths they don’t. Make sure you know how to point to your strengths when you go pitch someone in the funeral industry.

  • Local: Local businesses like to support local businesses. 

  • Flexible: Small printers can create the perfect form for a business when the big guys only sell basic models with custom graphics

  • Helpful: Local printers have the expertise to help businesses make good decisions about their paper and custom carbonless forms. The big guys make them wade through complex websites

Spend some time visiting with local schools to get to know their needs. Once they know and trust you, it will be that much easier to offer them exactly what they need at the right price. 

Check out our carbonless paper products for all your custom form needs. 


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