Local farming with local printing: The perfect carbonless match

Blog Summary:

  • Agriculture is not just family farms and combines, but the entire supply chain from field to grocery store shelf

  • Agriculture has some of the same needs as the transportation industry for pickup and delivery

  • Local farming is on the rise, so the local printer can focus on businesses that like to support their communities

A few months ago, Randolph Paper surveyed our customers to discover TEN Huge Industries Using Custom Carbonless Forms. This quick read breaks down the top selling industry: agriculture.

How Agriculture Can Use Carbonless Forms

When most people think about agriculture, they think about the family farmer riding a combine or milking a cow, but there is much more to the agriculture industry than that. Modern economies have developed a massive web that forms our food supply chain extending from the family farm to the grocery store from which we buy our cabbage. Every step of the way uses one form or another. 

In many ways, agriculture functions just like other transportation and delivery services. Much of the supply chain comes from drivers who pick up, say, milk from a dairy farm to deliver it to a processing plant. Like other industries not located in an air conditioned office, agriculture isn’t the best place for dainty electronic forms. 

The agriculture industry can use carbonless forms for things like:

  • Bills of lading

  • Delivery receipt

  • Pick up receipt

  • Dispatch sheets

  • Travel cost reports

  • Machinery repair estimates and invoices

At one time, nearly everyone knew someone connected to agriculture. In 1870, according the the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 50 percent of the U. S. population worked in agriculture, but now only 1.4 percent do. Because so few people know and understand the industry, agriculture is a huge business opportunity for the industrious printer. 

Carbonless Forms vs Electronic Forms

Custom carbonless forms work much better in the agriculture industry. Here are some reasons why:

  • Carbonless handles dirt. Carbonless stands up the the variety of conditions in the agriculture industry without crashing

  • Carbonless is portable. A light pad of carbonless forms is easy to transport without worrying about charged batteries.

  • Carbonless is simple. There’s much less training necessary when you use custom carbonless forms. Spend less time training and more time making money.

The Family Printer Advantage

A knowledgeable, interested printer may be able to recognize the specific needs of the agriculture industry and use that expertise to connect with local farmers. While most farming is done on massive agro-business factory farms, there are some smaller family farms, too. Perhaps the most opportunity lies in the trend toward artisan farming and community supported agriculture (CSA). 

These businesses have the local community at the center of their business model, so they will be more likely to support a local, family printer. Here are some advantages you can use to pitch them your products.

  • Local: Local farming supports local businesses.

  • Flexible: Small printers can create the perfect form for a business when the big guys only sell basic models with custom graphics

  • Helpful: Local printers have the expertise to help businesses make good decisions about their paper and custom carbonless forms. The big guys make them wade through complex websites

Check out your local CSA and other agriculture businesses to know what they need. Once they know and trust you, it will be that much easier to offer them the right product at the right price. 

Check out our carbonless paper products for all your custom form needs. 


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