The global pandemic is, hopefully, on its way out. As we write this in March, 2021, case numbers are dropping around the world, and vaccines are getting stuck in arms. Hopefully, the world will begin to return to something like normal soon. The COVID 19 pandemic won’t exit without leaving its mark on the culture. It’s likely that everyone will be more careful about sanitation and disease spread.

Self-Sealing Envelopes

With shifting tastes, new products will become more popular. We think that self-sealing envelopes will be a big winner coming out of the pandemic. Print clients will prefer these to the traditional wet-seal / gummed envelopes. 


The new sanitation rules took some time to get used to. Nothing makes you want to touch your face like trying not to touch your face, right? By now, we are used to the rules and rituals of quarantine life, and it’s likely that’s here to stay. 

Self-sealing envelopes are much more sanitary than the old wet-seal kind. There is no licking, no wet paper towels, and no mess at all. Both the sender and the receiver don’t have to worry whose mouth has been on the envelope.

Saves Time

These self-sealing envelopes were always a time saver, anyway. Just peel off the tape and slide the envelope closed. There’s no messing around with sponges or wet rags, and you don’t have to wet your whistle just to get the envelope closed. 

More Secure

Self-sealing envelopes are secure right away. You don’t have to worry about whether the lick-seal will hold. Just rip the tape off, and close the envelope. Easy.

No Mess

Between the occasional tongue paper cut and the wet paper towels, wet-seal envelopes made a terrible mess. Self-sealing envelopes don’t take any extra accessories or fancy tools. 

Check out our selection of self-sealing envelopes. Please feel free to pass this on to your customers who are considering envelopes in the future.


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