Just A Printer is a wonderful Youtube channel for the small printer. It’s run by the owner of a family print shop, and he talks about the work that he does. His videos range from how-tos about his print jobs to videos about work/life balance in the family print shop. If you’re a small print shop, and you don’t follow him, you should. 

In this video, he takes us through the process of creating a 2-part NCR booklet with a banner-printed cover, printed forms, and stitching for one of his customers. He also shows how to use a press to drill a calendar. 

How to create a 2-part Carbonless Form Book 

Just A Printer takes us through his process to create a 2-part NCR form book. Here are his steps.

  1. Banner print a booklet cover that wraps around the whole book

  1. Perforate the carbonless paper (save time by using our pre-perforated carbonless)

  1. Print the forms using 2-part pre-collated carbonless paper

printing perforated carbonless paper

  1. Press the forms together neatly

  1. Stitch them together with the cover

And that’s it! Make sure to watch the rest of his excellent videos. They’re great.



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