More Professional Packaging With Perforated Shrink Wrap Rolls

Article Summary:

  • Perforated Stretch wrap is cling wrap that stretches around a printed product and clings to itself.

  • Perforated Shrink wrap is a plastic film that shrinks over a product when heated.

  • Stretch wrap is best for someone without specialized equipment, but shrink wrap offers a better-looking finished product. 

Customers demand professionalism through the whole process of printing, so the local printer needs to impress from the initial meeting until the final product has been delivered. Appearing messy, unorganized, or unprofessional at any stage will drive away paying clients.

Perforated shrink wrap or perforated stretch wrap are excellent ways to impress the client at delivery. Both products help protect the printed material in transit and present it nicely upon opening. Here’s how you can use Western Plastics perforated Shrink wrap rolls or perforated stretch wrap rolls to impress your clients.


It is a plastic film on a roll that you can use to wrap around something. Just like kitchen cling film, it stretches and sticks to itself to form a solid seal. Unlike your favorite kitchen wrap, these come on perforated rolls that make it easy to tear and stretch over your printed material.

Perforated shrink wrap rolls are pretty similar. They are a plastic film on a roll, but they don’t rely on the plastic to cling to itself. Instead, a printer would use specialized heating equipment to shrink the plastic into a seal. The shrunk plastic has an even, clear look every time.

Other Packing Supplies Compared

Perforated Shrink Wrap Rolls and Perforated Stretch Wrap Rolls are better than many of the alternatives. Let’s compare a few of them:

Pallet Wrap

  • Packaging is not neat

  • Large minimum orders

  • Difficult to handle

  • Uses more wrap, adding to your cost

Kraft Paper

  • Not moisture resistant

  • Requires more handling and taping

  • Needs labels

  • Hids the product


  • Very expensive

  • Requires packing material

  • Adds weight

  • Not moisture resistant

  • Hides printed products

Perforated Shrink Wrap or Stretch Wrap

  • Displays your finished product

  • Moisture resistant

  • No labelling required

  • Costs less than other materials

  • Low storage requirements

Perforated Shrink Wrap Vs Perforated Stretch Wrap

There are advantages to both shrink wrap and stretch wrap depending on what you need. Stretch wrap is easy to use and doesn’t require equipment. Anyone can simply pull out a perforated sheet and wrap it around your printing product. With just a few motions, everything is packed up. Compared to shrink wrap, stretch wrap doesn’t look as nice. The areas where the stretch wrap overlaps can bunch up.

Shrink wrap offers a better finished product. Customers love to see the neat, clean look that shrink wrap can give. It also has more consistency, since it doesn’t depend on how skilled the packager is in wrapping the finished product. The downside is that you need to use a heat tunnel or a heat gun to shrink the plastic to the product.

You want to impress your client through the whole printing process, from concept, to printing, to delivery. Quality packaging like this will help make your finished product impress from the moment it’s received.

How To Wrap Printed Products With Perforated Wraps

Perforated sheets make it much easier to have a nicely wrapped printed product, because the sheets tear predictably. Still, you have to know how to wrap your products to make it look good every time. Different sizes of perforated sheets will wrap different products.

Size Sheet

Size Product

12 x 12

4 x 4 or 5 x 5

15 x 15

4 x 4 or 5 x 5

18 x 18

6 x 6 or 9 x 9; smaller than a ream of 8.5 x 11 paper

22 x 22

8.5 x 11 paper ream

24 x 24

8.4 x 14, 10 width, 12 in width

30 x 30

11 x 17 ream


While you can use several techniques, we suggest using one called the “Diaper Wrap.” Here are the steps:

  1. Pull the sheet off the role and lay it in front of you.

  2. Place the product face down and diagonally on the sheet.

  3. Fold the bottom left corner over the product.

  4. Fold the top right corner over the product overlapping the previous fold.

  5. Fold the top left corner over the product.

  6. Fold the bottom right corner over the product.

  7. Flip the package over.

This simple technique will put the folds on the bottom of your product so the customers will see only a smooth, flat film they get it.

Why Western Plastics?

Western Plastics is the only perforated stretch film and perforated shrink film manufacturer that targets small printers. It’s other competitor, Robbie Wrap, is discontinuing some of their line and increasing the minimum order. It’s like they have totally discounted the small, local printers we serve.

Western Plastics serves the small printer by offering minimum orders as small as one roll, which means the local printer doesn’t have to buy cases of them every order filling up their scarce storage space. It also offers a lower price than its competitors, and the perforated sheets come in more sizes. Western Plastics offers the best solution for improving your print packaging.

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