Blog Summary:

  • Print Design Podcast- Both visual and audio focused on label printing

  • Podcast from the Printerverse- Podcast about industry news and other topics

  • The Print Cast- Interviews that lean to the artistic side of the print industry

  • Print On Demand Cast- Produces of POD talk about their experiences in the industry and interview others about it

  • Is Print Dead?- A discontinued but still relevant podcast about how print is still important in a digital age

It’s tough for a busy printer to learn more about the industry. If you’re busy like us (we bet you are), you don’t have much time to jet off to a conference somewhere expensive. Good news! There are several great podcasts that can keep you up to date on the print industry and graphic design to give you ideas to develop your business. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Print Design Podcast

Print Design podcast is both an audio and video pod. While audio is great to listen to while driving or working, a design podcast really requires visuals. The host is Dave Hopkins, and he interviews designers that are doing new and interesting things in the print market. For example, the last episode was an interview with Brethren Design Co., and they talked about how they designed craft beer labels. The how-to podcast can give you new ideas about how to print labels and gain new label customers. The link above is from Youtube, but you can also listen to the audio-only version.

2. Podcast from the Printerverse

Podcast from the Printerverse is a podcast from Print Media Centr, a print industry news website hosted by Deborah Corn and Pat McGrew. They typically put out weekly episodes on various print business topics from print news to business marketing. They also cover new regulation. The latest set of episodes describes new regulations about direct mail products to help printers stay out of trouble with direct mailing. In the episode they break down the new California consumer privacy law into plain English. 

3. The Print Cast

The Print Cast is hosted by Nick Naughton, who has more than 20 years of experience in the print industry. Like many podcasts, he interviews different artists and leaders in the print industry. The other podcasts in our list focus more on printer-specific topics, but this one also veers into art and culture. For example, season 2, episode 3 is an interview with a woodcut artist who makes her own prints in her garage. Don’t worry, Naughton also interviews print shop owners, too. This one is great if you’re interested in learning about artistic prints. 

4. Print On Demand Cast

Print on demand is a fast growing segment of the economy. Sites like Amazon make it super easy for individuals to sell products without warehouse space or lots of upfront costs. Hosts Travis and Josiah (no last names given) talk with each other and with leaders in POD. They both work in the industry, so they have their own insights into working in POD, but they also offer interviews with experts, too. In one episode, they talk to Cordelia Blake about how to use keywords to get more sales. In another, the hosts talk about their own formulas for pricing so they don’t have to participate in the race to the bottom.

5. Is Print Dead?

Is Print Dead? is a podcast that no longer produces episodes, but we think it’s still a good listen. We’ve been hearing that print is dead for years, but the industry keeps going. Hosts Pat McGrew (also host of Podcast from the Printerverse) and Kevin Craine interview people to show where print is still an important part of the economy. One interview describes how important it is for archivists to turn digital media into print so it can be accessed when current technology is obsolete. Check it out.



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