Score your next client with carbonless paper forms

Blog Summary:

  • Carbonless forms outperform electronic ones where grease and dirt make computers impractical

  • Carbonless forms are simple. No training. No tech support, so mechanics can focus on fixing cars.

  • The local printer has the expertise and personal touch to help customers to make informed decisions

A few months ago, Randolph Paper surveyed our customers to discover TEN Huge Industries Using Custom Carbonless Forms. This quick read breaks down the top selling industry: mechanics.

What Your Customer Needs

Carbonless paper forms are popular for auto garages and mechanics, because most local shops can’t afford to pay someone to wait at a computer all day to take care of customers. The work of a shop is to fix cars. Unless they’re one of the national chains, everyone on hand is under a car working the wrench. Tablets and keyboards don’t work well when you’re all greased up from a day of digging around a car’s insides. 

That’s why your local mechanic is the ideal place for a local printer to pitch custom carbonless paper forms. Auto mechanics need forms for a variety of needs, including:

  • Repair quotes

  • Inspection reports

  • Receipts

  • Work orders

Mechanics don’t just use carbonless paper for hand-written forms, though. Even some of the bigger garages use printers on carbonless paper for their forms. To best know what your customers need, consult a local mechanic to see carbonless paper forms in action.

Carbonless Forms vs Electronic Forms

Carbonless paper forms have several advantages over electronic ones. 

  • Carbonless is inexpensive. A pad of carbonless paper is much less expensive than a screen. Drop a pad of paper, no problem. Drop a tablet, and you’re out hundreds.  

  • Carbonless works in a dirty environment. Electronic forms need clean hands and a clean environment but carbonless can go anywhere a mechanic goes. 

  • Carbonless is low-tech. A mechanic’s income depends on time spent working on cars and not time spent with tech support. 

  • Carbonless saves time. Hand-written forms don’t have multiple steps and screens to navigate. No one has to train their workers on the carbonless operating system. 

The Local Printer Advantage

Local printers are often undiscovered gems for local businesses. Most people don’t have time to search out the best of their local options, and they just hop online to a big box store. Go to your future customers to let them know the value you offer. When you pitch your local mechanic, keep your advantages in mind:

  • Local: Local businesses like to support local businesses. 

  • Flexible: Small printers can create the perfect form for a business when the big guys only sell basic models with custom graphics

  • Helpful: Local printers have the expertise to help businesses make good decisions about their paper and custom carbonless forms. The big guys make them wade through complex websites

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