Carbonless paper is delicate, and that’s the point. It is supposed to react under pressure to make copies of what’s written on the top sheet. But that also means it can be easily damaged in shipping without proper protection. You don’t want to lose a whole ream or more because of poor packaging, and then you (and your customer) are short on the paper you ordered. You also don’t want to risk being late, because you have to order again. 

That’s why we use double corrugated boxes to protect your shipment of carbonless paper. And it’s not carbonless. We ship all our products in double-corrugated boxes, because we want to make sure you get exactly what you ordered every time. It’s amazing the difference double-corrugated can make. 

While most companies want to save on packaging, we want to ensure that you get every piece you ordered in perfect shape, so you can deliver your job on time. Get the job done with Randolph Next Day Paper.


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