1 quart Fan Apart Carbonless Adhesive Glue - 10001
Carbonless Padding Adhesive 1 quart ..
1 gallon Fan Apart Carbonless Adhesive Glue - 10002
Carbonless fan apart glue that works for Nekoosa, NCR, Mead, or any other carbonless brand. It is tr..
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Padding Compound

Multi-compatible. Good for all kinds of carbonless paper!

Padding compound serves as an adhesive specifically designed for crafting notepads, binding forms, and creating coupon payment books. This specialized glue is applied along the edge of a paper stack, transforming it into a cohesive notepad. Two distinct types of padding compounds yield different adhesive properties. Widely utilized in the graphic arts sector, it proves indispensable for binding diverse forms and notepads. For optimal results, using a professional padding compound is advisable, particularly when aiming for perfect binding in notepad production within the graphic arts industry. This compound offers a reliable solution for various applications, ensuring secure and effective adhesion in the creation of notepads, form assemblies, and coupon payment books. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool in the production process, contributing to the seamless assembly and binding of paper stacks for a wide range of professional and creative purposes. Whether in the graphic arts industry or other sectors requiring secure paper binding, padding compound stands out as an essential adhesive, facilitating the efficient creation of organized and well-bound paper products.


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