Pre-Collated Sets

Pre-collated carbonless paper offers versatility across laser, inkjet, and digital printers and copiers, making it an ideal choice for various business applications. Particularly beneficial in office environments, these sheets are well-suited for invoices, delivery receipts, statements, packing lists, and more. The selection includes economical Pre-collated paper available in white and canary or white, canary, and pink, facilitating easy differentiation of each sheet for filing or customer copies.

The advantages of pre-collated carbonless paper extend beyond its color variety. It ensures the production of clear and legible text and images throughout the form, presenting a polished and professional appearance. This alternative to traditional carbon copy paper is especially appealing for business applications, enhanced further by customizable business form services.

Tailoring to specific needs, the option of 2-part, 3-part, or 4-part carbonless paper allows businesses to choose between retaining a single customer copy or generating an extra copy for filing and accounting purposes. In contrast to conventional carbon copy printing paper, the carbonless style offers a cleaner and safer solution compatible with all types of printers and copiers, simplifying the process of carbonless paper printing in any office environment. This innovation combines functionality, aesthetics, and ease of use, making pre-collated carbonless paper a valuable asset for professional document creation and management.


5 and 6-part Carbonless is also available here!


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