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Nekoosa is the #1 Carbonless in America. Perfect runability. Never jams.

Independently certified to have the darkest image.

Environmentally certified by Sustainable Forestry Initiative. 


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What is carbonless paper?


Carbonless paper transfers an image from the top sheet to the bottom sheet (or sheets). It does this with microscopic capsules that burst under pressure of writing. 

It's also important to first tell you what carbonless is NOT: black, messy carbon paper.

See, "carbon-less" came along as a total improvement over the carbon copy paper that required a dirty black sheet to create a copy between two sheets.

Needless to say, carbon paper and carbon paper forms have long since faded, but the moniker has stuck: we still have people call us for "carbon paper", "carbon copy forms", or even "CARBONATED paper". (Wouldn't that be something.)

As it's often called, NCR (No Carbon Required), was a breakthrough technology and remains an enourmous benefit to the economy today as a great way to facilitate all kinds of business, legal, and medical transactions. Critical signatures are made on the top copy and carry through 2 to 6 color coded sheets to help businesses stay organized, informed, and compliant. 

The reason you can stay so organized with carbonless is there is a) redundancy and there is b) variation in every set making for a very flexible system. So for every set of 2 part, 3 part, 4 part, 5 part or 6 part there is the opportunity to have the right number of copies with all important signatures and notes on each one. And there is the opportunity to utilize the variety of 5 colors to systemize your records and transactions. 

Carbonless is represented in nearly every major industry, but you can most often find uses in the Educational, Medical, Legal, and Banking systems. 


Educational uses:

  • Application Forms
  • Financial Aid
  • Emergency contact form
  • Consent forms


Medical uses:

  • Patient  consent forms
  • Prescription refill order forms
  • Surgury consent forms
  • Payment forms


Legal uses:

  • Parking tickets
  • Building permits
  • License renewal forms


Banking uses:

  • Home loan finincing forms
  • Deposit slips
  • Savings/Checkings account application forms


There are almost endless uses for carbonless! Anywhere there is a transaction in need of record, carbonless makes it effortless.