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Introducing Papercone Brand 0516PL Sub 40 Document Envelopes with Outside Side Seams, the reliable solution for all your mailing needs. Precision crafted for durability and versatility, these White Kraft envelopes, with a Sub 40 thickness, ensure a sturdy yet flexible option. Sized at 10 x 15, they provide ample space for your documents. Each carton, weighing 21 lbs., contains 250 envelopes per carton. The Regular Peel and Seal ensures a secure closure, while the Open Side Flaps Folded opening guarantees easy access. Whether sending important documents or promotional materials, Papercone Document Envelopes offer a combination of durability, style, and functionality. Elevate your mailing experience with these reliable envelopes from Papercone.
All Attributes
Product Type Document Envelopes
Size 10" x 15"
Color Gray Kraft
Thickness Sub 28
M Weight 18lbs.
Opening Open Side Flaps Folded
Seal Peel and Seal
Qty per Unit 250/Carton
Brand Papercone Brand
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