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Introducing TYVEK 1678PL Sub 18 V-Bottom Style Expansion Envelopes – a reliable choice for your mailing needs. Crafted from the lightweight yet robust DuPont™ Tyvek® material, these 12" x 16" x 2" White Envelopes provide a water-resistant alternative to traditional options. The virtually indestructible nature of Tyvek® ensures protection against the roughest handling, all while being lighter than paper envelopes. The convenient Peel and Seal closure, combined with Open End Flaps Folded and a Zip Stick for added ease, offers hassle-free sealing and opening. With 100 Envelopes per Carton, weighing 7 lbs., these TYVEK Sub 18 V-Bottom Style Expansion Envelopes are not only ideal for financial documents, legal papers, and more but also provide a cost-effective solution with their potential postage savings.

Tyvek® Features

Tyvek® envelopes are so strong and durable that they easily withstand the most grueling conditions. Add high-quality Papercone printing and you can set yourself apart from the crowd.

Immediately Recognized
Financial institutions and law firms prefer using Tyvek® over traditional mailers. When you receive a Tyvek® envelope, there is no doubt of its importance.

Lightweight and Strong
Tyvek® is lighter than most envelope papers. Gain potential savings on postage while upgrading the look of your mailings.

Water and Moisture Resistant
Tyvek® protects against the elements.

Tear and Puncture Resistant
Mail and ship with confidence. Tyvek® is virtually indestructible.

Tyvek® is 100% recyclable with an average of 10% post-industrial content.

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All Attributes
Product Type V-Bottom Style Expansion Envelopes
Size 12" x 16" x 2"
Color White
Thickness Sub 18
M Weight 7lbs.
Opening Open End Flaps Folded
Seal Peel and Seal
Printer / Press Type
Qty per Unit 100/Carton
Certifications Recyclable
  • 0%
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