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Introducing FIBERCRAFT EF 3211PL Sub 26 V-Bottom Style Expansion Envelopes, stands out as an environmentally conscious and durable substrate with exceptional rigidity, making it the ideal choice for environmentally focused customers and specialized mailings. Comprising 76% recycled paper content, including a remarkable 68% post-consumer office paper and packaging waste, this 2-ply laminated product demonstrates a commitment to sustainability. With a thickness of sub 26, a size of 10" x 13" x 2", and a weight of 18 lbs. per carton, Fibercraft EF ensures a substantial yet eco-friendly solution. The product features a pristine white color, a convenient Peel and Seal closure, and an open end with folded flaps. Each carton contains 250 units, and Fibercraft® EF proudly holds certifications for 76% recycled content and 68% post-consumer material, reinforcing its eco-friendly profile.

Fibercraft® EF Features

  • Reinforced with a polyester fiber scrim to resist tearing
  • Resistant to moisture, keeping envelopes intact in humid or wet conditions
  • Prints easily on a paper surface without distortion
  • Allows for easier handling due to a 2-ply rigid paper

Environmentally Friendly

76% recycled materials with 68% post consumer content.

Water and Tear Resistant

Fibercraft® EF uses one layer for water resistance and another unique scrim for durability, giving it a three-dimensional look and feel.

All Attributes
Product Type V-Bottom Style Expansion Envelopes
Size 10" x 13" x 2"
Color White
Thickness Sub 26
M Weight 18lbs.
Opening Open End Flaps Folded
Seal Peel and Seal
Qty per Unit 250/Carton
Certifications 76% Recycled & 68% Post Consumer Content
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