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Introducing HERCULINK 4226PL Sub 26 V-Bottom Style Expansion Envelopes, your reliable choice for sturdy mailing. Built tough with a reinforced fiber design, these envelopes resist bursting and tearing. The added poly barrier ensures water resistance. At Sub 26 thickness and 10" x 15" x 2" size, they come in a carton of 250/Carton, weighing 20 lbs. With a Peel and Seal feature and Open Side Flaps Folded opening, HERCULINK envelopes are straightforward, durable, and ready to handle your shipping needs.

Herculink Features

  • Textured design and look
  • Burst and tear resistance

✔ Durable and Moisture-resistant
Used by graphic designers for high-end clients for its protective properties and durability.

✔ Distinct and Rigid
The healthcare industry uses Herculink because of its distinct look and rigidity.

✔ Ink-Jet Compatible
With the right ink-jet system, Herculink provides the capability of personalization at the point of fulfillment.

✔ Sustainable
Made with a PEFC sheet, Herculink does not reduce or diminish our forests.

All Attributes
Product Type V-Bottom Style Expansion Envelopes
Size 10" x 15" x 2"
Color White
Thickness Sub 26
M Weight 20lbs.
Opening Open Side Flaps Folded
Seal Peel and Seal
Qty per Unit 250/Carton
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