There is a lot of buzz around digital marketing and online ads, but is print marketing really gone?

Well, according to the International News Media Association…no!

They found that print advertising has the ability to increase your ROI by up to 240%!

Now that’s an investment any business can get behind. Successful print shops have been touting this for years as well. 

Wondering why print ads work? 

Turns out there are a few reasons to share:

  1. Research shows that people tend to actually read print ads, not just skim as they do online - this means your message is actually conveyed and remembered!

  2. People’s guards are down when reading print ads, unlike online ads which feel obtrusive, invasive, and annoying!

  3. Many customers still prefer to be “unplugged” and trust print sources more than digital.

We’ve found this all to be true for our business too. We often send postcards via US mail and have seen positive ROI - we know print ads work!

If you haven’t tried print ads for yourself, now you have some reasons to try. Who knows what type of ROI you could see too. 

We wish you luck in your growth. Please feel free to share this information with your friends and customers so they can also benefit from print ads.


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