Why You Should Work With A Local Print Shop

Why You Should Work With A Local Print Shop

Everything is online, shopping, groceries, even your favorite take-out place. There are plenty of national brands that offer online print services with low prices, and you can order in your pajamas. But we still think that the local print shop is the way to go for most print orders. Here’s why you should work with a local print shop.

Quick Summary:

  • Expert consultation to help you get the best print job for your goals

  • Personalized experience can handle special requests and questions

  • Know your options by handling paper and looking at samples

  • Collaborate with printing experts to solve print problems

Expert Consultation

Online printers say they have a simple user experience, but that only works if you know how to navigate the website and exactly the product you need to accomplish your goals. What if you have questions? What if you aren’t exactly sure what product will meet your needs?

Your local print shop, by nature, has an expert in the print industry. They have been doing this for decades, and they know the best ways to create print products to meet your needs. When you work with a local print shop, the expert can help you know what products can accomplish your goals and guide you through the whole print process.

Personal Experience

An online print shop doesn’t know you or your business, but your local printer will. As you work with them, you can talk about what your needs are and how they affect your business. The local printer can incorporate that into how the shop runs your specific print job.

The local print shop can handle special requests when online retailers can’t. You can ask about options for expediting a job, special printer needs, and creatively find solutions for a problem instead of trying to find your way through a dense thicket of online options. It has the personal touch you can’t get online.

Knowing Your Options

If you don’t know the print industry, it’s difficult to know what options are best for a print job. When each option is just a line item in a menu, you can’t feel the texture differences of each type of paper or see how reflective metallic ink is. It can be very confusing, which can lead to paying for a print job that doesn’t meet your needs. You have to send it back and start the whole process over.

A local printer can show you all your options for colors, papers, sizes, inks, and more. You can touch the different textures and collaborate on what would make your print job exactly what you need.

Collaboration and Problem-Solving

Sometimes the print job you have in mind doesn’t translate well to the page. When it’s an online printer, you’re out of luck. You just have to go with what you created. That’s not true with your nearby print shop.

Local printers have the flexibility to work with you to solve problems along with the expertise to make suggestions. If you need graphic design help, they can give you the advice you need or even fix it themselves. You can talk through your needs to find the best solution. You can’t do that online.

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