How To Make 2-Part Carbonless Forms Using Fan-Apart Glue: Just A Printer

If you don’t know about Just A Printer, you should definitely check him out. He’s a small, family printer who films himself doing jobs around his print shop. The videos aren’t highly produced, but his raw charm and simple presentation are engaging. 

How To Make 2-Part Carbonless Forms with Fan-Apart Glue

In this video, he shows us how he makes 2-part carbonless forms using fan apart glue.


The procedure to make 2-Part NCR forms with fan-apart glue is straightforward. 

Here’s a quick summary of his video:

1) Print your 2-Part NCR forms using our pre-collated carbonless

2) Load the forms into a press to squeeze the paper together nicely

3) Expose the end of the forms you want to glue together

4) Paint the glue on the edge of the forms until the paper no longer accepts any glue

5) Wait an hour for the glue to dry

6) Fan apart the forms 

That’s it!

Make sure you check out the rest of the Just A Printer channel to learn more about his print processes. 

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