The ongoing COVID 19 pandemic has changed everyone’s life. This year, business is anything but “business as usual.” It doesn’t matter what you do, your habits have changed. You’ve probably noticed all the sticky back signage that appeared in store windows, on drinking fountains, and in lines at the store. They are an important piece to combating this terrible pandemic, which makes signage for COVID 19 more than just a product. It can save lives. Signage for business is critical for delivering hygiene information and social distancing reminders that keep people safe. 

While the COVID crisis has hurt so many people, printers can be part of the solution. Sticky back signage is crucial to delivering health information to the people who enter a school or a business. Instructions about proper health protocols, check in procedures, and the like help to remind people to stay safe, keeping them healthy enough to come back. More than that, though, businesses need proper signage to show their customers that they care about the health of their patrons. Customers want to know that someone takes COVID 19 seriously, and appropriate signage can go a long way to showing people it’s safe to enter.



That’s why we’re excited about the new Customer Confidence Solutions’ line of specialized pressure sensitive products by Wausau Coated Products. The new line includes products designed for multiple applications in a variety of high-traffic areas. 

The 3.4 mil Dual Digital White Flexible Vinyl is the perfect solution for these applications. The flexible vinyl is top coated and designed for HP Indigo presses and toner presses. It can come with a variety of adhesives, the most popular being the Special Graphics Removable, which is designed to adhere to a variety of smooth surfaces and be removed without leaving a trace. Other options include adhesives designed for hardwood floors and even carpets, plus Permanent and Ultra Removable options.

Wausau’s sticky back signage comes in a variety of sizes, from 12” x 18” to 20” x 27”, and you can also get it in die cut shapes: 2” x 4” rectangles and circles with 3” or 5.5” diameters. The variety gives printers flexibility to create the right sign for their customers. 


Most school systems instituted distance learning early in the pandemic, and many of them still remain closed. Some of the largest school systems in the country, though, recently announced that they will be returning to some variation of in-person learning. Every one of these schools will need signage for COVID 19 to keep people safe. Previously closed school buildings will need to outfit their classrooms, hallways, bathrooms, and more with new signage for COVID 19

A school will need to think through the myriad places that require new signage. Here are some examples:

  • Tables and desks: Signage marking social distancing protocols

  • Bathrooms: Signs marking distancing, hand-washing instructions, reminders for mask wearing and the like

  • Classrooms: Reminders for hand hygiene and distancing labels 

  • Drinking fountains: Reminders about the proper protocols for using a drinking fountain or filling water bottles

  • Entryways: Instructions about masks, check-in protocols, or symptoms of COVID 19

  • Cafeterias: While most students eat in their classrooms to avoid mixing with other classes, any open cafeterias will need appropriate signage for distancing reminders and food procedures. 

It is vital that these schools systems do an excellent job of sharing safety information and communicating how seriously they take COVID 19. Schools are getting fear from all angles, from parents, students, staff, and teachers. The right kind of signage can help ease everyone’s fears and keep people safe. 

Don’t forget about independent daycares and preschools. Because these services were deemed essential by most governments, many have remained open through most or all of the pandemic. Their regulatory agencies have strict guidelines about access to the building, tests that parents and children must pass, and a host of other rules. As scientific understanding of the virus changes, so do the requirements, and these sites will need occasional updates to their signage.

While many school districts are huge, and they likely have contracts with large printing companies, preschools and daycares are often small, independent businesses that appreciate having a professional help them through the process of deciding what signage they need and how to display it. They don’t get into teaching so they can pour over the varying calipers of vinyl signage. They want to teach. This is an excellent opportunity for a skilled professional printer to provide personal expertise that you can only get from a small printer. 


The restaurant industry has taken a massive hit since the COVID 19 pandemic drove cities and states into lockdown. People are afraid to go out where they might encounter strangers, and they have been told that restaurants are one of the chief risks for spreading the disease. It’s especially hard on restaurants in colder climates, since they can’t offer the much safer option of eating outside. 

There may be good news for restaurants, though. New York’s contact tracing operation only found that 1.4% of all reported COVID cases in the city came from indoor dining. We’ll have to wait to see how the science behind it develops, but there may be fewer restrictions and less fear in the future. 

Whatever regulators and scientists decide, restaurants will still need pressure sensitive signage to deliver critical information quickly and simply. From the simplest takeout menu to the struggling indoor dining experience, everyone needs good signage for COVID 19. The right kinds of signs will help patrons follow a restaurant's carefully crafted hygiene protocols, keep staff honest about following the same protocols, and give the customer confidence that their hosts are doing everything possible to keep them safe. 

That means restaurants will need signs in many areas:

  • Bathrooms: Both customer and employee bathrooms need signs to remind people about hand hygiene. 

  • Kitchen: To keep everyone safe, restaurant owners have to think through their health policies in the kitchen. A simple sign can remind the staff to stick with it when their attention to detail flags. 

  • Entrances: The entrance is the best time to clearly display the restaurant’s concern over COVID 19 and communicate their efforts to keep their staff and customers safe. 

  • Pick-up areas: Food pick up often means customers lining up as they wait. Floor signs help them spread out, and mask reminders keep them from letting their faces show too much.

  • Dining areas: For states that allow indoor dining, floors, tables, and pillars offer ways to remind people to follow safety policies. 

  • Check out: For restaurants with a check-out counter, they will need signs to remind people to keep their distance from employees and describe how best to pay without danger of contaminating each other. 

Restaurants are scrambling to find ways to convince diners that it’s safe to eat their food or even go to their dining rooms. Signs are an important part of that. Just like with preschools and daycares, the local printer may find independent restaurateurs open to talking with another small business about their signs. They’ll need an experienced printer to guide them through choosing the right product for the right application. 

You’re Part Of The Solution

Wausau Coated Products’ line of pressure sensitive vinyl signs allows the printer to be part of the solution for COVID 19. Signage plays an important role in communicating proper procedure and reminding people when they forget. That means the printer isn’t just selling signs but offering ways to save lives. Let us help you be part of the solution. 

Contact your Randolph Paper Sales Representative to get a full list of stocked pressure sensitive products.

In Summary:

  • COVID 19 signs quickly and clearly communicate health protocols and give customers confidence in a business’s response to the pandemic

  • Wausau Coated Products’ 3.4 mil Dual Digital White Flexible Vinyl is the perfect solution for these applications

  • Use your expertise to help small businesses, like schools or restaurants, choose the right product

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