Carbonless forms don’t crash! Here’s why Carbonless forms are perfect for heating and cooling.


A few months ago, Randolph Paper surveyed our customers to discover TEN Huge Industries Using Custom Carbonless Forms. This quick read breaks down the top selling industry: heating and cooling. 

What Your Customer Needs

Carbonless paper forms are popular products for heating and cooling, because it can be a dirty industry. Repair crews don’t sit behind a computer when they’re rushed to a service call, and AC installers aren’t hanging out at the local coffee house. It’s dirty work. While electronic forms and receipts may be all the rage in other industries, carbonless forms are still popular for heating and cooling. Technicians can use carbonless forms for writing reports, summarizing inspections, and processing work orders on the job.

While there are many uses for custom carbonless forms in heating and cooling, here are a few examples.

  • Repair receipts 

  • Inspection receipts

  • Contract copies

  • Payment receipts

  • Work orders

  • Estimates

More important than our examples, though, are the needs of your customers. The best way to know what your potential clients need is to talk to them. Develop a relationship with a heating and cooling specialist so you can offer the best pitch possible. 

Carbonless Forms vs Electronic Forms

Carbonless paper forms have several advantages over electronic forms:

  • Carbonless is inexpensive. Drop a pad of paper in a puddle, it’s no problem. Dip an expensive tablet in water, and you’re out hundreds.

  • Carbonless works with dirty hands. Dirty hands and grease smudges can make it difficult to operate a tablet or a computer, but carbonless works under the dirtiest conditions

  • Carbonless is easily brandable. Heating and cooling businesses don’t need to hire out a coder to create branded electronic forms when they can have their local printer push out custom ones.

  • Carbonless won’t crash. Carbonless paper never has hard drive problems, and it doesn’t get lost on some Amazon cloud server. The business and the customer get physical copies.

You Biggest Advantage Is You

You know that you’re better than the big guys, and so do we. Keep in mind these key advantages small printers have when pitching your local heating and cooling business:

  • Local: Local businesses like to support local businesses. 

  • Flexible: Small printers can create the perfect form for a business when the big guys only sell basic models with custom graphics

  • Helpful: Local printers have the expertise to help businesses make good decisions about their paper and custom carbonless forms. The big guys make them wade through complex websites

Check out our carbonless paper products for all your custom form needs.


Blog Summary: 

  • Carbonless paper forms outperform electronic forms in industries where dirt and liquids make tablets impractical

  • Local printers, like you, have the flexibility to create truly custom carbonless forms for your customers


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