Delivering carbonless forms for clients on the go

Blog Summary:

  • Carbonless forms are reliable even when mobile coverage is weak.

  • Carbonless forms offer an inexpensive method to work with independent drivers without tech training

  • The local printer can develop truly customized forms to each client’s business processes

A few months ago, Randolph Paper surveyed our customers to discover TEN Huge Industries Using Custom Carbonless Forms. This quick read breaks down the top selling industry: mechanics.

Carbonless for Transportation And Moving

By their nature, the transportation and moving industry is always on the go. Drivers move trucks and trailers across the country or just down the block to drop off whatever goods need moving. The transportation and moving industry needs to be flexible, since a truck can carry anything from food stuff to industrial equipment. 

Carbonless forms are ideal for this industry. When drivers drop off whatever they’re moving, they always need to leave a receipt, and a physical copy, made with carbonless paper, is the best way to ensure that both parties have documentation for the delivery. Both the driver and the customer get a signed copy that the goods have been received. 

Of course, a delivery receipt isn’t the only use for custom carbonless forms. The transportation and moving industry can use carbonless paper for:

  • Bill of lading

  • Payment receipts

  • Invoices

  • Dispatch sheets

  • Day reports

  • Travel cost reports

Carbonless Forms vs Electronic Forms

While many people think carbonless is on the way out, there are several reasons why the transportation and moving industry would use custom carbonless forms over electronic ones.

  • Carbonless for independent drivers Independent drivers require a costly app, or you can just use dependable, inexpensive carbonless forms.

  • Carbonless on the go Carbonless forms are easily transportable, and they hold up to the jostle and tumble of driving.

  • Carbonless doesn’t need cell service. Many drivers drop off goods in areas with poor or no mobile coverage. Carbonless works without the internet. 

  • Carbonless saves time. Hand-written forms don’t have multiple steps and screens to navigate. No one has to train their workers on the carbonless operating system. 

The Local Printer Advantage

Local printers are often undiscovered gems for local businesses. Most people don’t have time to search out the best of their local options, and they just hop online to a big box store. Go to your future customers to let them know the value you offer. When you pitch your local mechanic, keep your advantages in mind:

  • Local: Local businesses like to support local businesses. 

  • Flexible: No two transportation businesses are exactly alike. Flexibility means you can offer a form customized for their delivery process.

  • Helpful: Local printers have the expertise to help businesses make good decisions about their paper and custom carbonless forms. The big guys make them wade through complex websites


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