The little things make a relationship. A husband brings home a rose for no reason. A friend drops off some food when you’re sick. Your boss buys you lunch. The little things show that you care. 

Randolph Paper wants you to know how thankful we are for your business. Our customers aren’t just names in a spreadsheet or numbers in our sales books. We want to make sure you are happy. 

The Little Things

The little things show that someone cares, and that’s how we show we care about you. We slip some popcorn into every order that we ship out. We want our customers to have a good experience, to look forward to a delicious treat every time they get a box. We know that they are excited, too (We definitely hear about it when we forget!). It’s something extra that makes our relationship just a little better than any old vendor. 

We’re not just any company, and you’re not just any customer. We’re a family business that’s here for the family printer. These little things help us tell you how much we appreciate our relationship. 

And it’s not just popcorn. Got a sweet tooth? We send out boxes of Girl Scout cookies every year to support a wonderful organization and satisfy your craving. Before Thanksgiving, we offer Butterball turkey gift cards, too, because it’s just not Thanksgiving without the Turkey. 

The Family Business Advantage

This is the family business advantage, whether you’re a paper company or a printer. We know and love our customers, and we have the flexibility to be fun, to try new things. What little things do you do? You can do the standard things:

  • A card for someone’s birthday

  • Some candy for a holiday 

  • A discount to your loyal customers

  • Gift card drawings

  • A handwritten thank you note

Or you can get a little creative. Send out something that shows off an aspect of your business your clients aren’t using. Just make sure it’s something that people might like! That way they see you in another light, and they look forward to getting your product. 


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