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Kromekote Cast Coated

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What is Kromekote?

Kromekote is the #1 cast-coated paper among printers and businesses. It has a bright, smooth, mirror-like finish that has led the industry for decades because of it's beauty, run-ability, and print-ability.  Because of it's high quality characteristics, the printed outcomes are extremely realistic and detailed with perfectly rich color. The surface resists scuffing and scratching almost entirely and also effortlessly accepts folding and scoring. You will find other sheets try and fail to duplicate the combination of high gloss, fold-ability, versatility, and stiffness of the Kromekote C1S and C2S sheets. 

What is C1S? What is C2S? 

C1S and C2S simply stand for "coated 1 side" and "coated 2 sides", respectively. 

What is cast coated paper?

Cast coated refers to the process of pressing the still wet coating against a highly polished surface to allow the surface of the paper to become as glossy and smooth as possible. 

Kromekote Uses:

Like a lot of coated paper, Kromekote paper will be perfect for card stock, business cards, promotional flyers, brochures, presentations and more. It stands above all other sheets when it comes to impact, clarity and color. 


How Does Kromekote work?

Kromekote will work for offset press, and laser or toner printers. There is also a line of sheets that is certified for digital HP Indigo (see above). The top coating resists high heat without issue, unlike the competition. Because of the thickness of the paper, it may be necessary to change the setting on your printer or press to accept the thicker paper. Other than that, which is something any lightly experienced printer knows, Kromekote is ready to run right out of the box. 

C1S and C2S Paper Thickness:

8 pt C1S - 170 gsm

10 pt C1S - 215 gsm (same for Indigo)

12 pt C1S - 250 gsm (same for Indigo)

14 pt C1S - 275 gsm


10 pt C2S - 250 gsm (same for Indigo)

12 pt C2S - 290 gsm (same for Indigo)

15 pt C2S - 350 gsm *

* Kromekote's thickest C2S is actually 15 pt, skipping past the 14 pt C2S. If you can print 14 pt C2S, you can likely also print 15 pt C2S. These days, the thicker business card stock is even more impressive and memorable for the customer and makes for a great impact. 

Kromekote Cut Sizes:

8.5 x 11

11 x 17

12 x 18

13 x 19


Where to buy Kromekote?

You can have access to the Kromekote line of cut sizes through Randolph Next Day Paper.

C1S Paper

C2S Paper

C1S & C2S HP Indigo Paper

If you order before 1 pm eastern, you will have your carton shipped the same day. We can ship by the ream as well, but please contact us by phone to do so 1-800-752-2339.