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What is Non-Collated Carbonless?

When you need carbonless that isn't "pre-collated" (where the sheets are already sequenced in something like white, canary, pink, for example), you can buy carbonless paper that is one single color and coating. Non-collated carbonless, or single sheet carbonless, is available in 7 colors. Each color can usually come in 1 of 3 different coatings: CB (coated back), CFB (coated front & back), and CF (coated front). The coating refers to the microcapsules that are applied to the carbonless sheet during manufacturing. The microcapsules burst when a pen or pencil applies pressure to the paper surface. The bursting creates the image transfer to subsequent sheets.

How do Single Sheets work?

You will need the right coating combination for a successful carbonless form. The top form needs to be CB (coated back) and the bottom form needs to be CF (coated front). In between CB and CF can be up to 4 CFB sheets (coated front and back). As long as you collate (combine) the sheets in CB, CF, or CB, CFB, CF sequence, an image will transfer properly with pressure. When the coated sides meet they are ready to transfer an image for your business form or legal form, etc. When the uncoated sides meet, the image transfer will stop working.

Types and Uses

Most carbonless paper comes precollated in 2 part, 3 part, 4 part, 5 part or 6 part. The color combination is fixed and cannot be changed without undoing the collation by hand or machine. This is slow and painful. It's better to start with single sheets that are separated already, print on them, then collate when the printing is finished. When you start with single sheets it is possible to arrange the colors in a large variety of combinations. The end user can be delighted to have the color sequence just the way they want. The 7 available colors are:








When and Where to Buy

It is simple and affordable to buy single sheet carbonless from Randolph Next Day Paper. We can even ship by the ream when you call in by phone at 1-800-752-2339. Online you can order by the case, no less than that, however. That's why you need to call for orders less than a case. We take pride in No Minimum Orders, unlike the big box suppliers out there. If you don't wish to keep any single sheet carbonless on hand, we can take care of your needs by shipping from one of our many locations nationwide. Still, with non-collated print jobs, you may want to let your customer know it can take longer due to the collation process.

8-1/2" x 11" - White CFB GL- Nekoosa Ultimate Image U20 - 5000 sheets/cs -14544- 53#/CS..
8-1/2" x 11" - 21# White CB GL- Nekoosa Universal Carbonless - 5000 sheets/cs -50181- 53#/CSDesigned..
8-1/2" x 11" - 23# White CFB GL- Nekoosa Universal Carbonless - 5000 sheets/cs -50182- 53#/CSDesigne..
8-1/2" x 11" - 21# White CF GL-Nekoosa Universal Carbonless - 5000 sheets/cs -50187- 53#/CSDesigned ..
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