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I. Perforated Paper


What is Perforated Paper?

Perforated, or "perfed" printing paper is typically a white 20# or 24# sheet with a line, or a few lines, made of microscopic holes that makes it very simple to tear a portion of the sheet away. 

Vertical and Horizontal Perf

You have probably torn away a portion of a phone bill or signature page to return in the mail, for example. "Just tear along the dotted line..." as they say. 

You can find a large selection of perforated copy paper on Randolph Next Day Paper's online store. 

  • Perforated Letter Paper (8.5 x 11)
  • Perforated Legal Paper (8.5 x 14)
  • Perforated 11 x 17 paper
  • Horizontal and vertical perfs


Why Perforated Paper?

Blank perforated paper will allow you the flexibility to design and print the project you have planned. CPA's, doctor's offices, financial services, grocery stores, utilities, schools, and so many other professions benefit from using perforated sheets.  

With perfed sheets you can fold a sheet in half very easily to create a form that can be shared. You can print 1099 forms on a perfed sheet, as well as thousands of other useful business and transactional forms. 

It is a mess to try tearing a sheet without these micro holes from a perfed sheet. And if you're wondering how to make perforated paper on your own, perhaps try to have a custom form done first, or find a stock form that meets your needs. Perforating when done right is a reliable tear, when done wrong it can lead to headaches. 


Where to buy?

You can buy perfed paper here on this website. The paper is inexpensive - cheaper than Amazon - but it isn't a "cheap" sheet that feels like a lightweight 15# or 18#. It is made and guaranteed by the professionals at Performance Office Papers in Minnesota, USA. It comes in a variety of sizes, weights, and perfs. The 92 brightness is what you would expect out of a great sheet. You can save money and get the best sheet available right here on our website. 


II. Punched Paper


What is Punched Paper?

Punched paper has a hole, or holes, punched into it in the shape of a circle, oval, or square. The punches can be on the top or on the side of the sheet.


Hole punched sheets typically come in 8.5 x 11 or 8.5 x 14 sized sheets. The most common is the 3 hole punch paper with circular holes that work on all binders out there. Here are some of the hole counts you can get:

3 hole punch

5 hole punch medical

7 hole medical

19 hole GBC

43 spiral

44 spiral...and more!


Why Punched Paper? 

Hole punched paper is going to make your paper chart, presentation, or record stay where it has been put and definitely keep you organized from then on. Medical and legal charts are a perfect example. The need for efficiency and organization is paramount, so having a sheet that isn't sliding around, getting tossed aside, etc, is a great advantage! If you are thinking about punching your own paper, save the time and get what the experts have made affordable and totally reliable. 

Where to buy?

Randolph Next Day Paper has an excellent selection of punched papers. They also come in several colors. Rely on Randolph because we know how to ship paper. Do not trust online vendors you can't call and talk to. We treat paper with respect by boxing it in extra cartons nice and tight so it will arrive without damage.


For Perforated & Punched papers call us at 1-800-752-2339 or shop online today!