The Randolph Paper/BCT Northwest Partnership Story


As a nationwide provider of wholesale, customized printed products with over 40 independent regional hubs throughout the United States and Canada, BCT Printing is the largest supplier of thermographed and flat offset commercial stationary products in North America. Founded over 40 years ago, BCT franchises have built a reputation rooted in quality, reliability, and innovation. Their recent nationwide rollout of the groundbreaking® and™ ordering software applications has secured their position as an industry trailblazer.

A person printing on carbonless paper large quantity carbonless offset printing

To maintain that reputation, it’s crucial that BCT partner with service providers and vendors equally dedicated to efficiency and quality. This made Randolph Paper the natural choice to be BCT Northwest’s carbonless paper provider. With over twenty years of unmatched customer service and a proven commitment to problem-solving for their clients, it’s easy to see why Randolph Paper is the national leader in carbonless paper supply.

A Common Problem, A Randolph Solution

BCT Northwest came to Randolph Paper with an all too common problem in today’s paper industry. Their previous carbonless paper provider had rather suddenly gone out of business, and other local vendors had limited stock or poor service. BCT Northwest needed to find a carbonless paper supplier that not only had the variety of sizes needed in stock and ready to move, but also had a solid history of providing cost-efficient shipping and the bandwidth to offer quick turnaround time.      

Having talked to Randolph Paper in the past and knowing they were able to ship to 98% of the nation within 1-2 days time, BCT Northwest turned to Randolph Paper for the solution to their issue.

“Because we maintain a ready stock of the best carbonless paper in the most frequently used sizes and part quantities, we are able to meet urgent customer needs immediately,” said Jon Bachmeyer, President of Randolph Paper. “Our customers know they can rely on our ability to get them their paper shipment quickly and reliably.”

No Minimums Mean Maximum Customer Service

Like many printers using carbonless paper, BCT Northwest has clients that sometimes request unique sizing requirements. With other paper providers, either the wait for paper is 2-3 weeks, or the minimum order is high, requirements that leave the printer with stalled order fulfillment and significant extra costs. With their previous paper providers, BCT had been dealing with all these issues.

“This is what truly sets Randolph Paper apart from other paper providers. Our no minimum order policy and free shipping policy is designed to alleviate those extra costs and headaches for our customers,” said Bachmeyer. “Mandatory shipping requirements makes it nearly impossible for smaller and specialty print shops to compete in today’s market, and they even can cause order fulfillment issues for larger shops. We are 100% committed to partnering with our customers to avoid these setbacks. If you need even one reem of a certain paper to complete an order, Randolph Paper can make that work for you.”    

A Winning Partnership

With thousands of customers depending on BCT Northwest to provide printing orders that are cost efficient, on time and of the highest quality, it’s essential they collaborate with a paper supplier that embodies their same dedication to excellence, and they found that partnership with Randolph Paper. 

“There’s a reason new customers like BCT Northwest turn to us. We strive to offer the most friendly and reliable customer service available to our clients, and to act as true problem-solvers for them. We value each customer and feel their success is our success,” says Bachmeyer. 

With an ever-increasing national network of next day shipping and delivery and an expanding customer list, Randolph Paper is second to none in supplying printers of all sizes with the best paper supply available. Their unmatched dedication to improving their customer’s bottom line makes Randolph Paper the best source for all your carbonless paper needs.