Do you know a former paper salesperson or former printer looking for a little extra income? 

Randolph Paper serves small to medium print shops, often family businesses, in their local communities. Many of our customers have been in the print industry for decades or even generations, and we want to empower them to succeed by being a paper supplier that focuses on their needs in ways that big suppliers can’t.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Wants a flexible and independent part time job

  • Has experience in and knowledge of the paper and print industries 

  • Has excellent customer service and phone skills

  • Understands the small business mindset and the challenges they face

  • Can work remotely


  • Call & email customers and prospects in the print industry

  • Record notes in Excel or our database

  • Stay motivated and persistent over the long haul

  • Communicate with the rest of the team in a timely and friendly way

Any interested people can contact or call 513-317-7948 to learn more. 

About us: 

Randolph Next Day Paper was founded in 1996 by Stan “the paper man” Bachmeyer to be the small printer's best friend. As someone who came from generations of experience in the print industry, he noticed something was changing in paper suppliers. They were gearing their business model for larger customers and leaving out the small, family print shops. 

He stepped in to fill the gap and provide small print shops the kind of service they need at prices they can afford. The goal is to give our customers better service and better prices in an industry that keeps cutting delivery routes and raising minimum orders. 


Randolph Next Day Paper

Cincinnati, OH 45242




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