Prescription Pad Security Paper

Paper still has many uses in health care, but likely the most popular one is prescription pad paper. Doctors use these simple pads to quickly write out a prescription for their patients while retaining a record. Today, many doctors send pharmacy orders electronically, but there are plenty of people who prefer a physical prescription slip to turn into their local pharmacist. 

There’s more to prescription paper than many people know. In reaction to prescription drug abuse, many states updated their laws for non-electronic prescription paper. This CDC article discusses the variety of state and federal laws regarding prescription paper and when tamper-resistant prescription pads are required.

Tamper Resistant Prescription Paper

For example, federal law defines tamper resistant paper as a prescription pad designed to prevent all of the following:

  • “‘copying of a completed or blank prescription form’ (e.g., a void pantograph, white area on the prescription, or special paper containing watermarking);”

  • “‘the erasure or modification of information written on the prescription by the prescriber’ (e.g., quantity check boxes, refill indicators, or chemically reactive paper)”

  • “‘the use of counterfeit prescription forms’ (e.g., serial numbers or logos printed on the prescription form).”

So, your standard paper won’t work as a prescription pad. Doctors require paper with at least the above security measures to prevent patients from abusing their prescriptions or changing one once it has been written. Before you order, consult someone who knows the laws that apply to your area so you get the right kind of paper.

Randolph Paper Prescription Pads

Our prescription pad paper products come with the standard tamper-resistant features. 

  • A white “Rx” watermark on the front

  • A watermark on the back

  • A hidden “void” on the front

A variety of Generic Prescription Pad paper is available on our website at rates more affordable than Amazon and other vendors. You can get them in several sizes to cut into booklets that suit your customer’s needs. 

  • 11” x 17” (Blue or Green)

  • 8.5” x 11” (Blue)

  • 9.5” x 11” (Blue) 2 part carbonless

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Why Prescription Pad Paper?

If you’ve ever made a trip to the pharmacy to grab medical supplies based on a doctor visit, you’ll find a secure, tamper resistant script in your hand to effectively communicate the physician’s intent to the pharmacy attendant.

As a medical professional, in addition to providing the patient with a secure script that they can then relay to the medicine provider, the paper can effortlessly retain a carbon copy for internal records. Don’t stress about copying and re-copying patient medicine details when you can write a single prescription and know that a second copy can be quickly torn along the edges and filed for safe keeping or follow up treatment.

Where to buy?

A variety of Generic Prescription Pad paper is available on Randolph Next Day Paper below the website at volume rates more affordable than Amazon. Our options of the large 53# or the standard paper size 27# are made and guaranteed by the professionals at Performance Office Papers in Minnesota, USA.


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