Quick-read Bullet Points

  • Tyvek is best for industries that need printed products that can withstand liquids and weather

  • Tyvek works with most printing processes, but it shouldn’t go over 175°F (79°C)

  • Tyvek is a synthetic fiber that can be shaped for custom applications

  • Tyvek resists water, tearing, and is recyclable

Why your customers need the extremely versatile Tyvek

Sheets and envelopes made of Tyvek are practically indestructible yet amazingly lightweight. Find out why so many industries trust this exceptional material to communicate the strength of their brand.


What Is Tyvek?

According to DuPont, the creator and manufacturer, Tyvek is “a 100% synthetic material made from high-density spunbound polyethylene fibers.” Unless you’re a chemical engineer, that might not mean much. The bottom line is: Tyvek is a synthetic fiber that is spun into long threads that are bonded together under high heat to form different products. They lay the fibers randomly into their intended shape to give the products the strength and water resistance for which they are famous. 


Tyvek Properties

The structure and manufacturing methods give Tyvek several important properties. 

  • Tensile strength: The random threads give Tyvek superior tear and puncture resistance

  • Water Resistant: It keeps water and other liquids from passing inward

  • Breathability: Not only does it prevent water from entering, it is also breathable which allows water to exit as necessary

  • Microbial Protection: It prevents bacteria, fiberglass, mold, and lead from passing through it 

  • Recyclable: Tyvek products are 100% recyclable

  • Printable: You can print on it

  • Lightweight: Tyvek envelopes and packaging are light to save on shipping costs


Tyvek Applications

Tyvek is a flexible material with applications across multiple industries. It’s tensile strength and liquid-resistant properties make it useful for anything that needs protection from damage.

  • Industrial packaging: Tyvek can be shaped into containers that prevent products from spilling and from damage from water and other liquids

  • Wrist bracelets: Tear resistance and water resistance make Tyvek ideal for wrist bracelets in hospitals, bars, and other entertainment venues

  • Outdoor signs: It’s strength and water resistance make Tyvek an excellent medium for large-format signs

  • Outdoor labelling: Outdoor labeling covers a wide range of applications from labeling products stored outside to numbers for running races

  • Document protection: Tyvek envelopes protect important documents from exposure to water and weather

  • Food packaging: Many food products come in Tyvek packaging, especially bulk foods like rice or flour

  • Returnable packaging: Because it is so strong, Tyvek packages can be reused for sending products to customers

  • Protective covers: Tyvek can be crafted into custom shapes for protective covers for things like cars or furniture

  • Storage: Tyvek can protect documents, parts, and other items during long-term or short-term storage

  • Bags: Tyvek is an excellent material for reusable bags

  • Construction: Home builders wrap homes in Tyvek to protect wood and other elements from wind and water

As you can see, people use printed Tyvek products in a plethora ways, which gives printers several opportunities to offer custom printed products to their customers.



Tyvek Printing Products

We carry several products from Tyvek envelopes to Tyvek sheets. Your customers will want to use them whenever they need its flexibility and protection. 

  • Mailing envelopes: Our self-sealing envelopes are designed to make shipping easy

  • Non-sealing envelopes: Non-sealing envelopes protect important files and other items in storage in offices, warehouses, and storage units

  • Commercial letters: The standard commercial letter envelopes work for standard documents that can be sent through the mail

  • Tyvek sheets: For printing and cutting into various applications like labels, race numbers, and other products

While there are many possibilities for printing Tyvek on a large, industrial scale, most family or community printers will use these. We stock enough sizes to fit any need, from standard letter size up to poster size 25” x 38” sheets. Tyvek sheets can be antistatic and corona treated on both sides to improve ink adhesion.

Printers Guide to Tyvek Products

We, at Randolph Paper, are the paper experts, but you are the printing experts. We’re sure that you know more about your printers than we do, but here are some guidelines. If you want all the technical information, DuPont offers a lengthy guide to printing Tyvek paper and other products. 

Here are some brief guidelines drawn from the guide:

  • Tyvek sheets melt at 275°F (135°C), and they will stretch under tension at 175°F (79°C). Heat transfer and dye sublimation are not recommended

  • Most printing processes work well on uncoated Tyvek, but some digital printers and aqueous inkjet printers require special coatings. 

  • Tyvek paper takes longer to dry, up to 24 hours per side

  • Two-sided printing requires higher basis weight

  • Color matching is different for Tyvek than paper and requires test-proofing

  • It’s best to print on the smooth side, but you can print on the rough side even though the print quality will suffer

These are just some of DuPont’s guidelines. Check out the full guide for in-depth descriptions of the various printing processes and inks before you start printing. 

Industries that Need Tyvek Sheets and Tyvek Envelopes

Just about any industry can use the occasional Tyvek sheet or envelopes, but there are some that work best for the local, family printer. You might not get the massive, industrial custumers, but small printers have some advantages over the big guys in certain markets.

Endurance Sports Companies

If you aren’t a marathon runner, you might not think about the local endurance sports company. Local triathlon, road running, and trailing running companies sprang up over the last couple of decades in big and small cities. The local race company might be interested in supporting a small, family business, especially if you offer better expertise and customer service. You can find local races by going to websites like this one, or just walk into your local running store or triathlon store to ask the owners. 

Small Clinics and Dentists

Your local clinic and dentist may need Tyvek for medical applications between medical wrist-bands and protection against chemicals, water, or bodily fluids. Small places like this might need custom printed applications specifically for their business rather than mass printed ones for large facilities.

Independent Lawyers or Realtors

We know that these are very different industries, but they have similar needs. Both frequently mail important legal documents that need to be protected from the wind, sleet, snow, or rain the US postal service faces. Successful independent businesses often need help with branded items, and the local printer is the perfect expert to guide them through getting branded or custom envelopes.

Of course, there are many more industries that need Tyvek materials, but we’re sure you can find the right ones near you. We can help you find the right Tyvek envelopes or Tyvek sheets so you can land the clients you need.


Every paper has its own unique characteristics, and Tyvek is no exception. Always run a pilot test before embarking on a full run. Anyone printing on Tyvek needs to be aware that while it accepts a wide range of inks and treatments, anything involving high heat should be avoided. Processes should never exceed 175 F. or 79 C. With a melting point of 275 F and 135 C, Tyvek sheets and envelopes should never be placed in a laser or digital printer of any kind! It will begin distorting at 220 F, 104 C.

Tyvek performs well in most commercial offset equipment with the appropriate inks and treatments. For more specs and technical information about this incredibly versatile paper, check here.


What Our Customers Say:

It beats having manila envelopes which can tear so easily.”

“I don’t have to worry about my items getting wet.”

“Best product ever!!”

"My favorite shipping envelopes for just about anything!”

“Lightweight but sturdy.”





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